Truck Restorations

Truck restorations are for individuals who wish to save a vehicle for future generations by giving it a new lease of life with contemporary, long-lasting primers and paints that will ensure the chassis and cab last for decades. Your truck is restored to as near to the original manufacturer's specs as feasible.

Your historic truck's cab is separated from the chassis, which is then grit-blasted. They are then inspected for cracks, broken welds, and rust issues, which, if not identified and rectified, can harm the vehicle's longevity, handling, and safety. Your classic truck's chassis and panels are then either fixed or replaced. After that, the cab and chassis are rotisseries painted.

The exposed chassis allows you to simply install new or refurbished brake, fuel, and exhaust lines for greater safety and reliability, as well as check for any missing bolts, nuts, or clips. Your classic truck's whole mechanical system is replaced or restored. The electrical system and wiring looms can be replaced with new ones if desired.